Are You Ready for Love?

Through my life I have had various mental health problems, and I must admit that I suffer from social anxiety. It can even be hard for me to go on business dates sometimes with London escorts, and I have to admit that worries. Unless I know my London escorts date well, I do worry a lot. But, once I know a gent, I am totally comfortable around him, and it becomes more of a personal relationship rather than just a professional one.

However, I do think that my problem with social anxiety has not helped when it has come to finding love. I love going out with the girls from London escorts for nights out, but it is not easy for me to chat to a guy. It surprises a lot of people that a sexy girl like me can suffer from social anxiety, but I truly do. I have lived with the problem for such a long time that I have come to accept. There are ways in which I can work my way around it, and once I am ready to leave London escorts, I will be dealing with it.

Social anxiety is actually one of the reason I have not as yet left London escorts. I am happy working there, and during my time with London escorts, it has become part of my social life. This is why I have realised that my social anxiety has a lot to do with confidence. Even though I am enjoying a hugely successful career with London escorts, I am not as confident as I should be. When I am out on dates, I may come across as very confident, but like I say to my most trusted friends, I can literally be shaking on the inside.

I would like to have a permanent boyfriend but it is not easily going to happen. I am finding it so hard to found a man who fits in with my lifestyle. Like all other London escorts I work really long hours, and there are times when I think this adds to my social anxiety. If I only had some more time on my hands, I would be able to deal with all of these problems more effectively. When I feel I have something in common with a person, I can literally feel my social anxiety melt away. Living with social anxiety means you have many problems which you may need to come overcome in your everyday life.

When I was younger, I never had a lot of friends. In my teens I suffered from Anorexia really badly, and this is when my social anxiety started. I used to come home from school, and end up as a bit of recluse. Instead of going out with my friends, I stayed at home reading books. Should I have pushed myself? I know that I should have pushed myself to make friends, but I found that really hard to do. It was not until I joined London escort agency I became less of a social recluse. If you like, working for London escorts has helped me a lot to deal with my issues.

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